About us

At Maverick Hub, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive civil engineering solutions that cater to a wide array of infrastructure needs.

From groundbreaking new constructions to essential telecommunications infrastructure and beyond, our services are designed to enhance functionality, connectivity, and aesthetic appeal in our communities.

Here’s a closer look at how our services can make a difference:

Building The Future


Our construction services encompass every phase of the project lifecycle, ensuring that both new builds and renovations meet the highest standards of quality and durability:

Connecting Communities with Cutting-Edge Telecommunications

Mobile/Fixed Line Installs

We specialize in deploying telecommunications infrastructure that ensures robust connectivity for both communities and businesses:

Expertise in Utility Connections and Infrastructure


Our approach to contestable works is defined by meticulous planning, expertise, and a commitment to efficiency and regulatory compliance:

Enhancing Urban Landscapes


Our street work services are designed to improve urban environments through efficient, safe, and aesthetically pleasing installations:

Ricci Brown

Everything went smoothly as planned, and the transfers arrived on time. It's wonderful to travel on vacation to a new location and not have to worry about transportation or reservations. All email correspondence was satisfactory..

Stuart Attridge

Received excellent service. Friendly efficient staff who speedily installed AJAX Security Alarm system. That was 8 weeks ago and system has worked brilliantly in the background. I highly recommend both Maverick-AV and AJAX Alarm.

Paul Hollands

Very prompt service, great product, easy to deal with and excellent customer service. We chose Maverick-AV because we needed a service that would ensure our premises was protected 24/7. Wrest picture quality and an easy viewing system makes it way to see any actitivy at our premises easily. Highly recommended.